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«Virtuosity which surprises, impresses and opens hearts»

Håvard Svendsrud is a award-winning and internationally acclaimed musician. He is an accordionist of the highest quality. Imaginative harmonization combined with brilliant technique. His virtuosity surprises, impresses and opens the human heart.

Svendsrud's musical expressions are innovative, full of life and seductive.The audience is captivated by the massive chords and contrasting monotonical and lyrical melodies. Svendsrud carries the legacy of the great accordionists, and blooms when he gets to freely express himself through the music.

«His performance, it has that certain swing»

The way Hartvigsens plays his bass touches any audience, because it has that certain swing. The enthusiasm in his performances never wanes, as he conveys the heart and soul of the music. Hartvigsen has an ear for details. His play is exquisite and recognizeable. Supreme, yet humble.

Hartvigsen's distinct beat and musicality is always present, from the lowest octaves to the highest flageolets. Without a second thought he plays melodical stanzas with his double bass, and with his heart deeply buried within jazz music, he gives his instrument its own voice of warm sounds.